Industrial Looking Ceiling Fans Ideas

Browse our gallery to find out top pieces of industrial looking ceiling fans. These hardware fixtures are installed in larger areas commonly with high ceilings. Workshops, warehouses, garages, barns and outdoor spaces can be made into interesting and comforting areas. Cool air can be delivered to make sure that you are accommodated in the summer. […]

DIY Industrial Bar Stools

We have some best styles of industrial bar stools for your inspirations. Metal has always been most favorable with vintage look and function. Restoration Hardware is where you can find best pieces that offered at affordable prices. In my own apartment that is vintage decorated, metal stools are doing great in completing design, decor and […]

Vintage Industrial Bar Stools Ideas

Metal and wood are featured in vintage industrial bar stools. They are awesome to become kitchen seats for a nice and comforting space. Bar stools for sale are easier and cheaper to find online. Metal or wood or combination of them, the choice is yours to make in the effort to make a better seat. […]

Industrial String Lights Outdoor

Both indoor and outdoor can be enhanced with industrial string lights. They can do more than just about good quality of lighting but class as well. String lights have always been attractive. Festive lighting is given well by the string lights. Patio even bedroom can be decorated with the string lights. Holding a party will […]

Vintage Industrial Light Bulb

Industrial light bulbs are durable with energy efficiency in offering best quality that reliable to become interesting home lighting types. Edison light bulb in particular that you can choose and Philips is one of the manufacturers and suppliers that provide fittings. If you are about to make a purchase, then access Restoration Hardware or Home […]

Industrial Bar Stools With Backs Ideas

Industrial bar stools with backs are best contemporary seats. They are awesome to become drafting stools that offer ergonomic seat in supporting your back. Both indoor and outdoor home can have these stools. We have Tolix design that rustic in wood and metal combination. There are so many great industrial style bar stools on the […]

Industrial Drafting Stool With Back

It is going to be a perfect workplace with cheap priced when it comes to industrial drafting stool. Antique vintage pieces are available for sale. Ergonomic pieces of drafting stool can be chosen based on your own needs. Flexible designs are for sure in giving you comfort simply yet quite significantly. If you are always […]

Modern Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Browse our pictures and learn about industrial lighting fixtures. They have interesting styles in featuring elegance and class at high quality of illumination. Commonly, the fixtures are applied in commercial uses. There are different products to choose from based on your taste and budget affordability. Warehouse and barn are illuminated with these types and styles […]

Industrial Pendants Lighting

Industrial pendants have ability in creating warm space in becoming your hanging lights. Kitchen ideas with pendant lighting have always been popular including industrial styles. I am in love with glass pendant lights. They are intricate with craftsmanship in featuring elegance and comfort beside of just becoming home lighting. There are good things about the […]

Vintage Industrial Pendant Light Fixtures

Industrial pendant light fixtures are looking fabulous with elegance of shine and sleekness in featuring rustic styles and designs. Loft, kitchen, barn, basement and other rooms can be illuminated with pendant lights. They are included into rustic style lighting fixtures that have been on a high demand these days. There are some unique facts about […]